Learn why using Deception as a "virtual quarantine" is a more effective approach than traditional Isolation VLANs

Key topics include:
  • The new security threats resulting from remote workers and devices moving between home and corporate networks
  • Why relying on Isolation VLANs to quarantine returning devices can leave corporate assets vulnerable
  • How Deception platforms provide a more effective alternative for protecting assets while enabling workers to ramp back to full productivity faster

Company security personnel should assume that devices used for remote work will be infected and ready to exploit your corporate network.

Introducing TrapX Flex™
The Industry's First Deception-as-a-Service Solution

Our New Normal means new security challenges. TrapX Flex™ addresses critical visibility gaps to protect corporate and Cloud Assets, and reduce remote worker risk. Powered by patented TrapX technology, Flex delivers all the benefits of Deception without the overhead, reducing cyber risk with a hosted, turn-key service.


Eliminate Blind Spots,
Protect the Unprotected

Detect threats across all endpoints inside and outside the network, independent of regular cyber hygiene.

Divert Attacks Away From Real Assets

Agentless, endpoint lures divert attacks away from Cloud, VPN, and corporate assets and into emulated traps.

Activate a Deceptive Environment in Minutes

Non-intrusive, fast and easy to deploy. Fully hosted for 24x7 monitoring, analysis, and response.

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TrapX Is the World’s Leading Cyber Deception Platform

  • Advanced, real-time threat detection and containment
  • Based 100% on emulation — light, non-intrusive, highly-scalable
  • Library of hundreds of pre-built traps
  • Easy to deploy, integrate and operate
  • More than 400 customers