Organizations continue to struggle to remediate incidents and eradicate attackers from their network. Is Deception the answer?

In this report, SANS Analyst Matt Bromily discusses:

  • The most common Deception techniques
  • Requirements for a successful Deceptive strategy
  • The correct approaches to deploying Deception technology
  • Detailed case studies of Deception success stories
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"We encourage your organization to consider if its current defense implementations [can] truly keep pace with modern adversaries. If your defenses are lacking...deception technology may be just what you need to level up multiple areas of your security team."

Threat Detection Without Limits

TrapX's unique emulation-based Deception platform provides a more proactive and agile approach to threat detection. Respond to attacks as they happen, cover any attack surface, deploy in just days, and see value immediately.


Detects and Traps Attackers in Real Time

Alerts you to and contains advanced threats at the very start of an attack.

Divert Attacks Away From Real Assets

Lure and divert attacks to realistic decoys while protecting critical assets from compromise.

Non-Intrusive. Scalable. Fast to Deploy.

Works 100% by emulation. Deploy hundreds of traps instantly. Fast time-to-value.

TrapX Is the World’s Leading Cyber Deception Platform

  • Advanced, real-time threat detection and containment
  • Unique, emulation-based approach
  • Lightweight, non-intrusive, affordable and highly scalable
  • Easy to deploy, integrate and operate
  • Trusted by more than 350 global customers