New data on the challenges facing IT & OT security pros in manufacturing, including:

  • The vulnerabilities created by converging IT and OT systems
  • Why OT cybersecurity has become more difficult and the impact on security staff resources
  • The need to simplify security operations and key areas for improvement
  • How Deception technology can provide greater visibility into OT assets and improve threat detection and response

“58% of survey respondents claim that detecting and responding to IT and OT threats has become more difficult over the past 2 years.”

Extend Cybersecurity Protection to the Factory Floor

Protect the Unprotected. TrapX's unique Deception platform enables manufacturers to easily protect any attack surface — including industrial control systems (ICS), operational technology and IoT devices — without adding agents to endpoints.

TrapX - Detects and Traps Attackers in Real Time

Detects and Traps Attackers in Real Time

Identifies and contains advanced ICS attacks that bypass other defenses.
TrapX - Diverts Attacks Away from Real Assets

Diverts Attacks Away From Your Assets

Lures and diverts attacks to realistic decoys, protecting real assets from compromise.
TrapX - Non-Intrusive, Scalable, Fast to Deploy

Non-Intrusive. Scalable. Fast to Deploy.

Works 100% by emulation. No agents to add to operational systems or endpoints.

TrapX Is the World’s Leading Cyber Deception Platform

  • Advanced, real-time threat detection and containment
  • Unique, emulation-based approach
  • Lightweight, non-intrusive, affordable and highly scalable
  • Easy to deploy, integrate and operate
  • Trusted by more than 350 global customers