Discover TrapX Flex, the industry’s first Deception-as-a-Service solution created specifically to protect corporate assets from the security risks of our expanding “work from anywhere” culture. A complete solution, TrapX Flex includes:

  • An endpoint fitness test
  • Agentless lures
  • Corporate, Cloud and VPN traps, and
  • 24/7 monitoring, for all the benefits of Deception without the cost, overhead, or resource drain.

Threat Detection Without Limits

TrapX's unique emulation-based Deception platform provides a more proactive and agile approach to threat detection. Respond to attacks as they happen, cover any attack surface, deploy in just days, and see value immediately.


Detects and Traps Attackers in Real Time

Alerts you to and contains advanced threats at the very start of an attack.

Divert Attacks Away From Real Assets

Lure and divert attacks to realistic decoys while protecting critical assets from compromise.

Non-Intrusive. Scalable. Fast to Deploy.

Works 100% by emulation. Deploy hundreds of traps instantly. Fast time-to-value.

TrapX Is the World’s Leading Cyber Deception Platform

  • Advanced, real-time threat detection and containment
  • Based 100% on emulation — light, non-intrusive, highly-scalable
  • Library of hundreds of pre-built traps
  • Easy to deploy, integrate and operate
  • More than 400 customers